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Swedish smokeless tobacco snus.

For further information regarding tobacco regulations please read the

REPUBLIC_ACT_NO_9211 . Read more...[Link]

Produced in Philippines since 2008

Swedish snus, the smoke free tobacco alternative.

We have been manufacturing Swedish snus in Philippines since 2008. Our trademark is PinoySnus and it's available in both loose and portions with four flavors. Original, Menthol, Whiskey and Rum.

We make our snus according to the old Swedish traditions with selected local high quality tobaccos. 

We have distributors selling our snus products all over Philippines.
Distributors available... [Link]

Do you have a business and want to become a distributor? Please contact us, send an email to sales@swedesnus.com


Only on  scheduled appointments.

Address: Swedesnus Inc.

                 San Vicente St., Cogon

                 Carcar City, 6019 Cebu

Phone:    0927 227 8211

 Email:     sales@swedesnus.com